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Olympia Residential fire suppression

Residential Fire Suppression System Installation in Thurston County & South Puget Sound

Residential fire suppression systems help make buildings safe for occupants. Think of them as the first lines of defense in the event of a fire outbreak.

A quality system can put out minor fires on its own. For major fires, it can buy some time before the fire department arrives. Seeing their enormous protection potential, it’s no surprise that these systems must adhere to documented standards.

At American Plumbing Contractors, we install multipurpose residential fire suppression (NFPA 13D) systems in homes across Thurston County, WA. We have extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining these systems.

Are you constructing a new build? Do you want to upgrade an existing system? Call our team at (360) 317-0594 to schedule a consultation.

NFPA 13D is the National Fire Protection Association’s set of standards for residential fire suppression systems in one- and two-family dwellings. The code clearly specifies the design, installation, and maintenance requirements for these systems to ensure the safety of the building occupants.

At American Plumbing Contractors, we understand the risk of installing residential fire suppression systems that don’t meet up with the code. That’s why we work with homeowners and property developers to ensure their properties remain adequately protected against fire accidents.

Fire Suppression System Design & Installation in Olympia, WA

We can design and install residential fire suppression systems for one- and two-family homes of all sizes and architectural styles. Our technicians start the process by thoroughly assessing your home to determine the hydraulic design approach to deploy.

We understand that every home is unique, so we take the time to carefully evaluate the property layout, number of rooms, material composition, and other unique details to ensure we fully understand its fire protection demands.

Our design team will ensure the residential fire suppression system blends into the overall interior aesthetic.

On the installation day, our technicians will arrive on schedule with everything they need to ensure adequate coverage for your property. We deploy state-of-the-art technology featuring:

  • Sprinklers
  • Distribution pipes
  • Pressure gauges
  • Alarm systems
  • Backflow preventers
  • Tamper switches
  • And more

South Puget Sound Fire Suppression Inspection & Maintenance

As with all other systems in your home, your residential fire suppression (NFPA 13D) needs regular maintenance if you want it in shape to protect your property at all times.

At American Plumbing Contractors, our inspection and maintenance technicians can uncover any loopholes in your system and address them promptly. We inspect systems using a rigorous maintenance checklist. We never miss anything.

Fire Suppression System Upgrades & Retrofits in Thurston County

Technology continues to evolve at neck-breaking speeds. Fire suppression technology isn’t left out in the evolution. If your existing system is too old or no longer meets (NFPA 13D), we can assess it and recommend ways to improve its performance and get it up to code.

When you need a residential fire suppression (NFPA 13D) installation, repair, or maintenance company you can trust in Thurston County, WA, turn to the team at American Plumbing Contractors. We have helped countless property owners in the region ensure their sprinkler systems are reliable, insurance-compliant, and up to code. 

Outside of Olympia, we provide critical fire suppression system services in:

An effective residential fire suppression system predominantly features a network of pipes and sprinklers that professionals strategically install across the home. During a fire, the resulting heat activates the sprinklers, releasing water to suppress or extinguish the flames. The system activating so early helps slow the spread of the fire and gives building occupants enough time to evacuate.

At American Plumbing Contractors, we can install residential fire suppression systems within new and existing properties. For existing homes, we always complete the installation with minimal disruption.

Call the American Plumbing Contractors team in Thurston County, WA today at (360) 317-0594 to schedule a consultation.

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