Plumbing Inspection


Hiring a reliable contractor for a home plumbing inspection is an excellent way to protect your waste and water systems from leaks, corrosion, clogs and a whole host of other problems. Whether you need a water heater assessment or a thorough review of your sewer system, our professional plumbers can help.

We’ll check your main sewer/septic line for potential problems, inspect your crawlspace for leaks and signs of damage, and look at appliances like your water heater for any problems that could come up in the future. With years of industry experience, you can feel confident that our team will accurately diagnose issues affecting your plumbing system, and communicate clearly and professionally about our discoveries. See how a professional plumbing inspection can save you time and money this year.

Do you experience problems with your home’s plumbing system? Our team has everything it needs to deliver fast and easy inspections. When you partner with us, you can enjoy:

  •  A state-of-the-art sewer line camera inspection
  •  World-class plumbing expertise
  •  Emergency repairs
  •  100% customer satisfaction

See what other pipe problems our American Plumbing Contractors team can fix by contacting us.

Did you know that investing in a professional plumbing inspection for your sewer lines can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future? By regularly checking for pipe bursts and corrosion, our team can help you avoid property damage that could require expensive repairs. Explore more reasons to have your plumbing systems inspected:

Plumbing Inspections Before Selling a Home

Plumbing inspections diagnose problems quickly so you’ll have all the information you need when listing your home for sale. We can repair sewer damage before potential homebuyers visit. With reports from our plumbing inspectors, you can stay in control of pricing negotiations to get the most for your property.

New Home Plumbing Inspection

Invest in our professional plumbing inspections when shopping for a new home. We often find leaks, code problems and other issues in properties that previous home inspectors missed. In that case, you may be able to negotiate for a lower price before you close the deal, and have full knowledge of what you are getting yourself into.

Better Water Pressure and Temperature Control

A plumbing inspector can identify issues with your pipes, drains, and pressure relief valves that reduce your home’s overall efficiency. We can repair problems quickly so that you’ll get the highest quality water out of all your appliances.

A Long-Lasting Plumbing System

A routine inspection ensures that you’ll get the longest life out of your home’s plumbing system. Our team will inspect older homes for issues that require pipe replacements or other installations. With the proper upkeep, your plumbing systems and drains should last for years.

We check drains for common obstructions like hair, dirt, food, grease and roots. We can deploy high-resolution camera inspection technology to check for cracks or holes in your home’s sewer.  We’ll check the age and condition of your water, waste and vent piping, as well as your fixtures, and check for any warning signs of problems developing in the near future.

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  • “Thank you Justin, the technician, for the excellent work you did today in replacing my facet bib and the installation of my yard hydrate. You even came with the blue hydrate as I requested. I appreciate your professionalism and genuine respect for my home.” - Felecia H.
  • “I've had other plumbers in the past but American Plumbing Contractors, Inc. is, in my opinion, the best value on the market. If you want it done right and at great value, American Plumbing Contractors, Inc. is your go-to plumbing solution.” - Rod R.
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  • “On both jobs we had GREAT communication; they showed up on time; and provided trustworthy, professional performance at a reasonable price. They cleaned up after both jobs, and the finished work looks great.” - Stephen B.
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